Saving Water

Supersonic Is Leading The Way When It Comes To Saving Water.

At Supersonic, we constantly monitor our car wash equipment and water usage to ensure that we use the least amount of water possible and still provide our customers with high-quality car washing.

Supersonic Is A Local Community Business That Depends Upon Water.

We depend upon water in order to provide our customers with high-quality services. As such, the proper use and conservation of water is a high priority issue at Supersonic. We want to take the lead in saving our most precious natural resource.

Engineering studies show that a 5/8” hose running at only 50 PSI uses 10 gallons per minute—meaning people who wash their cars at home use up to 100 gallons of water or more each time they wash their car!

It’s About More Than Just Saving Water!

Home car washing wastes water and can contribute to pollution. Most people who wash their cars at home in the driveway forget where the wastewater goes: directly into our lakes, streams, and rivers. At Supersonic Car Wash, we have learned many lessons about minimizing environmental pollution. It’s time to recognize that home car washing is a serious form of pollution that can be eliminated simply by using a professional car wash. Remember, we all live downstream.

Supersonic Uses Water Safely and Efficiently.

Supersonic Car Wash uses sand and grease traps which allow the grease, oils and heavy particulates in the water to be separated out before discharging the waste water into the sanitary sewer system for treatment rather than simply dumping it into the storm sewer. We use water efficient equipment such as computer controlled systems and high-pressure nozzles and pumps, allowing us to clean cars thoroughly while conserving water.

Let’s Not Take Our Water Supply For Granted.

It is important to follow guidelines so we can have the water we need and want, when we need and want it. The International Carwash Association offers 10 ways to save water and money at the same time. Supersonic wants to pass these tips on to you and remind you that one of the ways to save both water and money, as well as help keep your car looking its best, is to use a professional car wash service.

Water Saving Tips

  1. Check all your faucets for drips. By completely turning off faucets and reducing the amount of water used for tooth brushing, hand washing and shaving, you will help reduce your personal water consumption.
  2. Install flow restrictors and other conservation devices on showers and faucets. These water saving devices are available in most hardware stores.
  3. Use your washing machine and dishwasher only with full loads to make the most of water consumption.
  4. Use a professional car wash to remove salt, bird droppings, and atmospheric pollution. Automatic and self-serve car washes use far less water than washing your car at home. Home car washing may result in wasted water from running hoses, inefficient washing methods, and spilled wash buckets.
  5. Take shorter showers. Long, hot showers can use up to ten gallons for each minute.
  6. Place a plastic bottle in your toilet tank. Fill it with water to weigh it down, and place it away from operating mechanisms. Each time you flush, you’ll use less water. In the average home, this action can easily save ten or more gallons of water per day.
  7. Check for leaks in your household pipes, hoses and faucets, as leaks can account for as much as 10% of our water usage. Thoroughly examining your pipes and plumbing systems is the best way to find leaks. It’s less expensive to fix a leak than to continue paying for wasted water.
  8. Instead of using a hose to clean the garage, driveway, floors or sidewalk, use a broom or shop vacuum.
  9. Keep a bottle of drinking water in your refrigerator, rather than wasting precious water by running the tap to cool it off before drinking.
  10. Teach your children the facts about water usage. Practicing the tips listed here will help us have enough water for future generations.
  11. Approximately 60% of all water use goes for outside watering. Inspect sprinkler systems for broken heads, runoff and leaks, and adjust accordingly to conserve water usage.

How Much Water Do Professional Car Washes Use vs. At-Home Washing?*

Touchless Tunnel Car Wash 80 – 100 gallons per car
Regular Tunnel Car Wash 30 – 40 gallons per car
In-Bay Automatic 45 – 50 gallons per car
Self Service Hi-Pressure Wand 11 – 13 gallons per 3 minute cycle
Self Serve Foaming Brush 0.1 – 1.3 gallons per minute
Washing Your Car at Home 100 gallons per wash