At Supersonic Car Wash, we understand that raising money for your organization can be a challenging process. That is why we have created the Helping Hands Fundraising Program.

Through the Helping Hands Program, your organization can raise money while giving a valuable service everyone can use. Your organization has the opportunity to profit approximately 50% of the total dollars sold by offering any combination of four car wash packages from Supersonic Car Wash.

Supersonic takes pride in the communities we serve, and wants to be able to give back to those communities. Supersonic Car Wash looks forward to helping your organization attain its goals as well.

How Does the Program Work?

Step 1. Choose the date you would like to start your fundraising effort. We recommend a two week effort although Supersonic allows up to a one month selling period. Experience has shown that each person in your group will sell an average of 5 washes.

Step 2. Approximately one week prior to your chosen selling period, call Supersonic at either (801) 399-2434 in Ogden or (801) 355-1205 in Salt Lake. We will send out a packet containing all the necessary materials and information you will need to begin your fundraising effort. When you receive your packet please call us for a brief explanation of how to use your packet.

Step 3. Arrange for a short meeting for all participants. At the meeting distribute the materials they will need and answer any questions they might have. Also set some reasonable goals for them and let them know how long they have to achieve those goals. Please make sure they understand the importance of filling in all information correctly and legibly. The better prepared you are, the more successful you will be.


Step 5. At the end of the fundraising period, return all completed materials to Supersonic along with a check payable to us for the amount due. Upon receipt of all materials and the amount due Supersonic, we will then mail tickets for the washes purchased directly to your supporters. That’s all there is to it. Easy, safe, fun.

If you have any questions or would like more details about this opportunity, please feel free to call us in Salt Lake at (801) 355-1205 or in Ogden at (801) 399-2434. We want to help and hope to hear from you soon.