Over 55 Years

Supersonic’s History

Supersonic Car Wash Inc. was founded in Ogden, Utah in 1959 by Wayne and Marion Goddard. It was Utah’s only full service car wash at the time and remained so for many years. Mr. Goddard passed away in 1987, and the family has continued running the Supersonic car wash Utah business ever since. Supersonic now has both full- and self-serve locations in Salt Lake, Ogden, Sandy, Provo and Orem.

Our Facilities

Supersonic makes every effort to keep up with the latest innovations and ideas in the car wash industry, and we strive to maintain modern, up-to-date facilities. Supersonic is environmentally conscious, with water conservation being one of our chief concerns. We use only environmentally friendly solutions to wash and wax customers’ vehicles while using an absolute minimum of water to do so. It might surprise you to know that we only use about one-fourth of the water to wash a car that the average person would use to do the same job at home in their driveway.

Our Products

With the future in mind, the car wash industry is more aware than ever of the importance and need in conserving our natural resources and preserving our environment. Simoniz U.S.A. Inc. is our supplier of washing and waxing solutions. Since 1911, Simoniz has been dedicated to producing high-quality car care products and solutions, and to preserving the environment by manufacturing environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-polluting products that support their goal of helping to keep our communities and natural resources safe.

Professional Affiliations

Supersonic is a member of both the Utah Carwash Association (UCA) and the International Carwash Association (ICA). Any questions or comments may be sent directly to the corporate offices listed on our home page. Thank you for visiting Supersonic Car Wash.